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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's Seize Opportunities!

"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

That's the idea with which we began this morning's sermon. Each of our lives is filled with opportunities. Fate has not straightjacketed us into unavoidable, undesired paths. God gives us all the power to choose. Certainly things happen to us and around us we cannot control, but if it doesn't kill us, we have the right to decide whether or not it'll make us stronger. You can let things happen to you and play the victim, or you can choose the victorious path of happening to things.

Opportunities abound when you walk with the Lord! His Spirit is alive and active and working in this world to bring about the greatest good (Romans 8:28). He'll open doors for you if you walk with him. The communities in which we live are ripe with chances to do good works. There's nearly an unending number of lost souls to whom you can reach out with the good news. Every part of your life--home, church, work, neighborhood, marketplace--is like your own living billboard. Each is an opportunity for you to live out the example of godliness to those who desperately need a ray of light. All you have to do is open your eyes and look--the opportunities are there (John 4:35).

So, why do so many of us miss the abundant opportunities to do great things? I think the answer is simple--we've shut our eyes to them. It's a great temptation for us all to carve out private little comfort zones, retreats that are actually just fantasy worlds, and to try and ignore the harsh realities of the world as much as possible. It's a great evil! Spiritual people must be in tune with reality. Part of the reason why there is so much evil in the world is because those who understand the goodness of God keep it to ourselves. Let's open our eyes and see that we're not even close to being on the losing team! We're the overwhelming minority who have the limitless power of God on our side to do mighty works and eternally affect Creation for the better.

The most profound opportunity available to any of us is to trust in Jesus' plan. It requires you abandon yours and anybody else's plan. Becoming a Christian is more than just believing a few facts about Jesus and going to church services. It's embracing a counter-worldly way to live which Jesus promises leads to eternal life. Can you trust him? You have a choice. Sieze the opportunity to live forever!

So, what would you attempt if you knew you couldn't fail? Feel free to share your ideas about seizing opportunities.

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